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Domo AI is an all-in-one AI tool for content creation where you can create almost everything you need in the process of content creation, like generating images, AI videos, and converting any video to more than 10 new video styles.

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You can also convert anime characters into lifelike characters because their AI models are specially designed for anime and original character generation. Domo AI also has a strong, friendly, and active community with nice giveaway events and AI art updates. So let’s start by joining their Discord server, and I’ll show and guide you on how to use this AI tool to make your content creation process easier and more creative.

Part 1: Join The Server.

To start using Domo AI, you will need to join the Domo AI Discord server. Go to the Domo AI official website (you can find the link in this video’s description) and click the “Join Discord” button. You can learn how to use Domo AI from the “Get Started” channel.

Part 2: Video Style.

In this part, I will show you how to easily convert your video to more than 10 cool video styles without any editing skills. Now, go to the “Generate Video” channel and type “/video” in the prompt bar. Click the upload button to select your video and type the prompt you want to add details to the video style and anything else you want in the prompt section. Press enter to continue. Now, let’s select generation options. First, choose your video style from the style options.

Part 3: Animate Character.

This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to create an animation movie without needing animation skills. All you need are character images and some motion video.

Part 4: Text To Image.

With Domo AI, you can also generate AI images with ease. To do that, go to the “Generate” channel, type “/gen” in the prompt bar, and type your prompt. You can also select the AI model from the list by selecting the model menu. Choose the AI model you want to use.

Part 5: Image To Image.

In this part, I will show you how to create an AI image from another image. Go to the “Generate” channel, type “/gen” in the prompt bar, type your prompt, and select the “img2img” option.

Part 6: Anime To Realism.

Do you want to turn your waifu into a real-life character? Now you can easily do that with Domo AI.

Part 7: Image to Video.

As we know, short videos on Instagram can attract more viewers than static images. You can use this feature to boost your Instagram page or make your video and content creation more creative.

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