Free AI Tools for WhatsApp – ChatGPT Alternative for Mobile Phones ( AI Assistant for WhatsApp ). Transform your WhatsApp into a powerful AI assistant to make your life easier and save time.

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No installation and no subscription required. In this video, I’ll show you how to access 2 free AI chatbots directly from your WhatsApp. We’ll also compare how these chatbots respond to the same prompts. So, Hit the like button, subscribe to this channel, and let’s get started! The first AI chatbot for WhatsApp is HeyPat. Pat is a helpful AI sidekick that can assist with any questions, from recipes to travel, fitness, ideating, writing, marketing, and more, in any language. Pat provides kind, fun, and truthful responses and has access to real-time information. To get access to HeyPat, go to the HeyPat AI official website. The second AI chatbot for WhatsApp is WhatGPT from Kittos AI. Kittos AI is a website that provides a variety of AI tools for free, including chatbots, AI image generators, content writing, and more. To get access to Kittos AI, go to the Kittos AI official website.

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