FREE AI Animation Generator: Create Cartoon Movie with ChatGPT AI.
This free animation generator is available not only on desktop but also on your Android or iOS devices. In this quick AI video tutorial, I will guide you step-by-step on how to create your own animation movie using ChatGPT AI and the free text-to-animation generator. So, let’s get started! #aianimation #ai #artificialintelligence #aimovie #aitools #3danimation #animation

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Part 1: Create Video Script Using ChatGPT

To create our story or video script, we can use ChatGPT, Google Bard, or Nolan AI. However, in this video, we will use ChatGPT. Ask ChatGPT to generate a video script for you. In this example, I asked ChatGPT to generate a dialogue between two aliens who are planning to invade Earth.

Part 2: Install Text To Animation App

In this tutorial, we will use Plotagon, a text-to-film software available for Windows, Android, and iOS. Go to the desktop app menu to download the Plotagon for Windows installer. After that, you can register using your email, Gmail, or Microsoft account to use this software for free in a 30-day trial mode.

Part 3: Text Plate Scene

Before creating any scene, let’s create our very first movie project. Open your Plotagon Studio. Click “Create Video” to start creating your animated movie. Now, click the “Voice Over” menu to select your voice-over style.

Part 4: Scene Background

Click the movie clapper icon to create a new movie scene. Click the movie clapper menu and select the scene background.

Part 5: Create Character

After that, add an actor to our scene by clicking the actor menu. You can select a premade character or click the “Create Character” button to create your own character.

Part 6: Set Character Position

Now, select our first character for our scene. Let’s change our character’s position by clicking the position menu on the right side of our character’s name. Select your desired position.

Part 7: Camera Style

Now, let’s add a camera style by clicking the camera icon. Select your desired camera style. Click the play button to see how this camera style looks.

Part 8: Sound Effect

Add a sound effect to your scene to make it more cinematic by clicking the bell icon. Select your desired sound effect.

Part 9: Dialogue Scene

Click the dialogue icon to add a new dialogue to the current scene. Copy your dialogue script from ChatGPT and paste it into Plotagon’s dialogue. Now, click the microphone icon to listen to this dialogue voice-over.

Part 10: Character Animation

You can change the character’s animation by selecting from the animation menu on the right side of the character’s name. Here is the result from this AI animation movie tutorial. Thank you for watching this free AI animation tutorial. See you in the next artificial intelligence video! Bye bye!

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